I have had the pleasure of working with BI Demantra over the last 6 years in various implementations of BI functionality. Each of those efforts have been unlike any other IT functionality project that I have been associated with, and all because of BI Demantra.

They bring a rounded blend of technical acumen, business knowledge and resource flexibility that is unparalleled in my 30 years of IT efforts. This is not hyperbole. The team plans diligently and delivers concisely no matter the complexity of the efforts that are undertaken

I have nothing but the highest regard for BI Demantra capabilities and would recommend anyone that needs leadership in the BI space to engage with them. They will never be disappointed and will in fact be more than delighted with the association, as I have been.

Claudé E. Zamboni
Vice President, Information Technology

It goes without saying that architects at BI Demantra is technically brilliant, but I am most amazed at their ability to leverage his tremendous skills and knowledge and apply those technologies in a real life environment. On our Project, Dave was the principal technology stratigist of a completely custom billing solution combining Microsoft technologies with our Oracle R12 ERP Platform. Dave led the team that developed this custom application from scratch. At the time our Billing Business was very small, but Dave paid close attention to building a scalable, stable environment that would allow the business to grow. With minimal changes to his Application Platform our Billing Business has grown to over 50,000 claims a month with over 500 users. Because of the well thought out and implemented design, the custom application has been amazingly successful during this this period of quick growth. In addition to handling the huge volume increases, our custom billing application has successfully completed over 10 enhancement releases since go live with minimal disruption to the business. It is for good reason that Dave has many personal recommendations and is immensely talented, but to me his most important trait is his ability to deliver on Projects that turn into significant revenue to his clients. I consider BI Demantra a true business partner who can deliver real world, workable solutions in the most difficult and complex situations.

Ryan Mohrman
Director, Information Technology

Dave, Data Architect at BI Demantra, is a valuable extension of my team. He is a trusted resource that I can count on when I need support in making data decisions. He did a thorough job of evaluating our current data warehouse, provided additional options to for us to evaluate and made sure we were well informed to make the best decision for our business.

Marissa Floyd
Manager, Direct Marketing
Epson America


BI Demantra is a firm dedicated to deep business intelligence expertise, a strong knowledge of database architecture and query language, as well as intensive reporting best practices. BI Demantra displayed strong command of the relevant Business Intelligence tools available in the market. They take a strongly consultative approach to advising their clients, putting the customer needs and aspirations in the forefront. I can always count on BI Demantra to be knowledgeable, responsive and committed to our client success.

Lori Seal
Chief Operating Officer