Our client is a 3PL that redefines traditional 3PL offerings—warehousing, distribution and value added services—to deliver operational excellence at low costs. Using ISO-quality processes and best-in-class IT systems, our client provides improved quality at a competitive cost.



our client targets Shopify store owners to understand which products are selling most, what their web rating is.This helps them increase their sales and target specifi customers.


This is mostly publicly available information captured in weblogs but collecting, parsing, and presenting the data in a meaningful way was the key challenge.


BI Demantra experts first scraped raw data from various weblogs. We then scrubbed this metadata and blended it with industry verticals, customers product lines and revenue in the past few months.


We presented this data using Power BI so users could slice and dice it by location, industry type, cost and quantity on hand by each product, vendor, and their contacts.

  1. The solution that BI Demantra delivered enabled our client to understand which products to build, buy, and supply to Shopify vendors.
  2. It also helped our client to choose the right pricing strategy and to build a pipeline of products with just in time inventory on hand.
  3. This resulted in very low cost of inventory on hand. It also helped them target the right products and customer to maximize revenue.