our client offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace & defense, communications, data center, and industrial markets. Products include high-performance integrated circuits, voice processing devices, RF solutions, discrete components, security technologies and Ethernet solutions, to name a few.


our client is a globally dispersed organization. Their master data resided in various parts of the world and managed in several home grown applications and enterprise solutions. Finding a true product master list or customer list was the biggest challenge.


Moreover, there was no governance in managing this master data, which resulted in inaccurate results.


BI Demantra created a master data management solution using Microsoft master data services within SQL Server.


We have also defined data governance strategy to be used by Data Steward and Data Manager.


Master data services has out of the box web and excel interfaces which is very easy and intuitive to use. We leveraged those as-is.

  1. Using Microsoft master data services enabled our client to leverage their existing investement in SQL Server.
  2. Moreover adding more entities to master data services was very easy and they were able to do it in minutes.
  3. It has interface with excel which enabled Power Users to quickly add millions of rows using excel.
  4. BI Demantra was able to build solution in matter of weeks and provided substantial return on their investment.