Our client is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world.


Our client delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.


Our client had various data sources to pull patient health records, appointments and demographics. Their facilities were either under-utilized or appointments were not booked at full capability. Also amount of no-show or cancelled appointments were very high.


Also providers are not fully booked either and it was not clear which procedures should be targeted for each facility.


BI Demantra leveraged Microsoft Tabular SSAS to build high performing in-memory cubes as well as Microsoft SSRS reports and Power BI content packs specifically designed for executives, managers and other power users.


SSAS cubes consumed existing databases and other data sources and they were also used to provide fast, interactive and detailed SSRS reports. Additionally, the master data was managed using Mirosoft Master Data services to centrally manage master data.

  1. Creating solution using Microsoft platform enabled our client to make use of existing investment in SharePoint, SQL Server and other Microsoft technologies.
  2. Our Solution also provided 360 degree view of patient's appointment and demogrphic data so that our client can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.