Our client provides medical products and services for advanced orthopedic patient care. During several years, they acquired new companies, which necessitated a new billing solution to their ever-growing, innovative line of business.Due to the nature of the business all products and solution needs to be HIPPA and CFR Part 11 compliant.


Quality of data and consistency of master data became a critical key issue for our client. The quality and accuracy of analytics was also an issue since data was not clean and definition was constantly changing.


Enterprise data warehouses was designed with best practices and master data was living in spreadsheets and in look up tables. Users were unable to make meaning insights from data and they had to rely on Excel pivot tables with information scrubbed and blended manually.


Existing data warehouses were on Oracle and did not cover all lines of business. Moreover, dimensions were not conformed. BI Demantra created an enterprise data warehouse with the focus on various subject areas.


BI Demantra’s consultants also implemented master data services and data quality services using SSIS to bring consistency and data integrity. Finally SSRS , PPS and Power BI, using SSAS cubes as data source, were used as reporting tools to provide a single version of truth with faster, interactive reporting.

  1. Using Microsoft’s platform enabled our client to make use of it’s existing investment in SharePoint, SQL Server and other microsoft technologies
  2. It also reduced the time it took to deliver reports to end users, and also reduced the number of static reports.
  3. Power users consumed SSAS cube using Power BI and Excel where as management and other users consumed it using Power BI content packs and SSRS reports.
  4. Last but not least, a high-level layer of executive dashboards to provide 360 degree view of data.