We are a strategic team driven by passion and curiousity. We are also comprised of talented and hardworking individuals from around the world who share a common passion to improve the way people work through chaos to order.


Achieve your strategic goals and make the most of your Microsoft investments

with a trusted, experienced gold-certified Microsoft partner


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As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we receive a rich set of benefits including access to training and support resources that assist us in delivering steller solutions to our customers. Also, We have seasoned Subject Matter Experts and Solution Architects who can envision the entire solution to support your growth, enable technology and will embrace the cloud.




Strategy and Roadmap Services

Becoming an information-driven organization is hard work, but a plan can help. Also, companies worldwide have realized the impact of cloud technologies and include the cost of azure cloud strategy implementation in their budgets. BI Demantra will help map out the path to get there.

  1. Strategy Planning
  2. ROI Analysis
  3. Tools or Platform Selection
  4. Implementation Roadmap
  5. Assessment and Future State Design
  6. Azure Readiness



Core Technology Services

Our team of consultants are ready to help your organization realize your goals, mission, and vision. We have expertise and experience in providing services for Bots, Machine Learning and AI, large scale BI, DW and MDM solution, Advanced Analytics and Big Data solutions.

  1. Articial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Master Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  3. Bots
  4. Enteprise Mobility
  5. Azure Web Application
  6. Project Online




Ultimately, business decisions come down to a simple return on investment. BI Demantra will help your team unlock its data so they can make smarter and better business decisions. We can help your company discover, blend, and visualize its data so your team can take insight to action.




Avoid the costly mistakes we see companies make all the time. Provide your team with the very best Big Data and BI consulting services in Southern California with our proven, turnkey solutions.


Big Data Starter Package

Your company has data it wants to understand but doesn't know how to get things started. With the Big Data Starter Package, BI Demantra will review your current systems, provide your team with a proof of concept and roadmap, define your data assets and formulate your analytical problems. The Big Data Starter Package is highly recommended for organizations that have never implemented a BI or Big Data solution.



BI Starter Package

Within a matter of weeks. we will help your company get its BI initiative up and running. After reviewing your Organization's current systems and infrastructure, BI Demantra's consultants will provide your team with a proof of concept and road map, define your data assets, and formulate your company's analytical problems. Let's help your executive see the benefits of BI and make the transition into the world of Big Data.


I have nothing but the highest regard for BI Demantra capabilities and would recommend anyone that needs leadership in the BI space to engage with them. They will never be disappointed and will in fact be more than delighted with the association, as I have been...

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Case Studies

BI Demantra’s proven track record speaks for itself

Our experience spans different company sizes, projects, and industries. Click a case study below to learn more.



BI Demantra maintains firmly established relationships with a select group of companies. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer, enterprise and small businesss customers, a consistent standard of technology and management consulting excellence all over the world. Central to our partnership approach is our belief in the value of leveraging diverse partners to advance and demonstrate stronger value proposition on the investments made by our customers.


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